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  1. Carnation CR1500 Currency Counter
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 31 March, 2017.

    Carnation CR1500 Currency Counter

    Price:  $2,499.00

    Click Here for the Carnation CR1500 Currency Counter Brochure

    CR1500 Mixed Bill Value Currency Counter and sorter allows operator to count bills easily and effectively. A reject pocket ensures uninterrupted counting of banknotes - all suspected and counterfeit bills are automatically sorted into the reject pocket.

    Printer connectivity allows to print out counting results as well as serial numbers, if needed. Can be connected to a wide range of printers, including Epson EPSON TM-T88 and an inexpensive SPRT printer.

    The CR1500 Currency Counter and sorter can capture the serial number of each banknote counted. This information can be stored and/or printed out. Detects magnetic ink, infrared ink, UV, CIS image, length, thickness of banknotes.

    Compact size, user-friendly interface with large and clear LCD display. Up to 4 different currencies (depending on country software), banknotes can be processed in all four orientations. High-capacity hopper, stacker and reject pocket. ADD function, batch function, reporting and printing functions are available. Intuitive user menu and maintenance menu interface for flexible operation.

    Auto-adjustable technology, easy software upgrades via SD card or USB port. Configurable USB interface, printer interface, external display interface. Full open channel design for better maintenance and jam removal.

    • Sorting non-stop counting with reject pocket.
    • Multiple currency capability.
    • Serial number recognition.
    • Multiple counterfeit detection functions - MG, IR, MT, UV, & CIS image recognition.
    • Six counting modes - Mix, Sort, Face, Orientation, Image, & Piece Counting.
    • Easy maintenance and jam removal.
    • Compact size with user-friendly ergonomic design.
    • Easy software upgrades via PC, SD card, or LAN.
    • Computer and printer connectivity.

    Net Weight: 18.7 lb
    Model Size : 9.9”Lx10.7”Wx10.4”H 251mmL×271mmW×264mmH
    Counting Speed: 800/1000/1200 Bills per Minute
    Hopper Capacity: 500 Bills
    Stacker Capacity: 200 Bills
    Interface: RS232, RJ-11, USB, SD Card
    Power Consumption: <50w Power Supply: AC 110V/60HZ (220V/50HZ)
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