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  1. A.B.S. Air Duster
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 14 November, 2012.

    A.B.S. Air Duster
    [A.B.S. Air D]

    Price:  $24.95

    A.B.S. Air Duster

    The A.B.S. Air Duster is an all-purpose sterilized compressed air cleaner that removes dust, dirt, and microscopic debris from hard to reach places.

    Helps you keep your machines, keyboard, computer parts, equipment, and many other things clean. Canned air is quite effective in removing dust and dirt off almost anything. It is a multi-purpose duster that uses compressed air to blast away accumulated dust from even those hard-to-reach spaces such as that between the keys on your keyboard.

    A.B.S. Air Duster

    • High Powered duster
    • Non-flammable, compressed gas
    • Contains: difluoroethane. CAS #75-37-6
    • Removes dust and dirt off everything
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