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Since 1983, Automated Business Systems, Inc. has focused on cash/coin processing, check handling, document handling, and other technological solutions for businesses throughout Texas and the United States. This focus has enabled us to be the best at what we do, offering state-of-the-art solutions to the Financial, Government, and various business industries and environments. ABS is relentless in finding cost-saving solutions for our customers and distributors, offering diverse and superior products and services.

ABS Mission and Values Commitment



Mission Statement:


ABS is Leading how banks and other businesses operate, connect, interact, and transact with business. ABS is strategically poised to help our clients to increase revenues while lowering their cost of operations. Our mission is to save our clients money and time with our excellent solutions and customer service. Our experienced team will ensure that our clients stay ahead of the technology curve and offer a consultive solution approach.


Our Commitment:


We are committed to excellent customer service to create lasting relationships with our clients.


Our Values:


Integrity, Honesty, and Trust
Embrace Diversity
Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
Minimal Bureaucracy
Close Customer Relationships


In the global marketplace, we strive for high performance and advancement. Together as a team, we are committed to our clients through personal responsibility and with the highest level of integrity.

Motto / Slogan: Service First

Rick Braniff
Founding Father

JJ Braniff
Family Business Patriarch

In the beginning...

James Jay Braniff (JJ Braniff) worked for Burroughs Corporation throughout his career, beginning in the early 1950s. He started as a service technician working on various banking/business machines. JJ was known as the "Machine Whisperer" as he could fix anything. He always said, "A machine is only as good as the service you provide to support and back it up." JJ worked his way through the ranks and retired as the Western Regional Service Manager for Burroughs, managing nine states. JJ is the proud father of 7 children.


In 1983, Richard J. Braniff, with the assistance of JJ Braniff, started Automated Business Systems selling various check signers, endorsers, and encoders. From this small beginning, ABS was born. The motto and direction for ABS, from the beginning, was "SERVICE FIRST." Rick was a proud US Veteran and a graduate of Sam Houston State University. He was the father of 2 daughters, Emalee and Natalee Braniff (Who attend Texas A&M University), and a stepdaughter, Rachel Ballard Corbell. She is married and just recently had a baby boy named Colton.




We are now one of the larger specialized equipment companies in Texas. Martin Braniff is now the president of ABS, and he began his career in 1987 with NCR Corporation. In 2000, Martin went to work for Fidelity Information Services (FIS) in their Output Solutions Division. In late 2012 he took over the management of Automated Business Systems. Martin holds a BBA degree in Marketing Management from the McCombs Business School at The University of Texas at Austin (1987).

ABS will always be rooted in these humble beginnings and stand by our long-time tradition of "SERVICE FIRST."



ABS provides complete banking and business equipment solutions; which include coin sorters, coin counters, currency (note) counters, coin deposit machines, counterfeit currency detection machines, coin packaging systems, check protection & signing, folding/insertion sealers, encoding, and endorsers, automated mail handling systems, time clocks, date stamps, paper shredders/cutters, banking software, business forms, and supplies.


ABS - Leading how banks and other businesses operate, connect, interact, and transact with businesses.


ABS is strategically poised to help our clients to increase revenues while lowering their cost of operations.


ABS serves all business environments, including but not limited to the Financial Industry, Industrial, Public Sector - Governmental, Hospitality - Retail POS, and most business communities with a proven track record as a leader in new technology. We continue to offer greater convenience, service, and quality. Products, unique price values, and continue to earn the reputation as one of the finest equipment distributors Worldwide.


ABS is an Authorized Distributor for Hewlett-Packard * NCR * Okidata * Billcon * Accucount * JCM* Toyocom * Scan Coin * Technitrol * Duplo * Standard Register * Formax Bescorp * Tab * F & E Hedman * Martin Yale * Swingline* Paymaster * PFE * Sharp * Certex * Wycom * Maverick Microsystems * American Perforators * A-B-E * Perforators * Acroprint * Rapidprint * Widmer * Simplex * Amano * Lathem * Cincinnati * Intimus Schleicher * MBM Destroyit Ideal * Fellows * EBA * Datatech * GBC * Shreddex