Amrotec MIB-11 HEAVY-DUTY Currency Discriminator

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MIB-11 Heavy-Duty Currency Discriminating Counter w/2-pockets (1 stacker, 1 Reject)


Performance at a glance


  • Heavy-duty construction for high-volume operation.
  • Highest Bill Recognition using Dual CIS-Image Sensing.
  • Superior counting speed of 1,200 banknotes per minute.
  • Process world currencies in a mixture in a single-pass.
  • 4.3″ Touch Screen w/Stylus pen for easy navigation.
  • User-friendly large screen; can customize to show less info or RED font. 
  • It is easy to remove unwanted counting modes for simplicity.  
  • All Denominations strap by user preset Qty or by $ Amount.
  • Easy Bill Jam removal from the top cover and rear door.
  • UV-C Disinfection System as an optional ADD-ON feature (MIB-11 “UVC”). 

With the highest bill recognition in the industry, “MIB-11” accurately denominates and discriminates USD and world banknotes (USD and Canada currency software are Standard in all machines) in MIX, SINGLE, or SORT mode in a single-pass while the ability to Face and Orientation of banknotes at a speed of 72,000 banknotes per hour.

Constructed with high-quality and proven components from reputable suppliers in South Korea and Japan, MIB-11 is an engineering evolution. It offers highly competitive pricing to end-users without compromising its long-term durability, highest performance, and superior suspect detection. Smooth processing of worn bills has never been this easy, but with “MIB-11”!


Unique Features:


Dual-CIS Image Processing Sensors and IR-Array Pattern Recognition Algorithm generate the industry's highest and unparalleled bill recognition. Long IR-array sensor, Multi-Channel MR(Magneto-resistive)-Array, and 4 UV sensors provide detection of highly sophisticated Super Counterfeit bills.

On the fly, various counting modes of operation are provided, such as MIX, SINGLE, SORT, FACE, ORIENT, and Multi-Currencies operation. Various batching/strapping options are available from denomination banknotes batching by pre-set qty or batch by specific dollar amount and apply to single or all denominations.

Users can use the User-Friendly 4.3" FAST-RESPONSIVE Touch-Screen and push-button control panel to navigate the operational panel and the user's menu by pushing the button or touch screen using the Stylus pen provided. Operators can now customize various features to the customer's preference, such as turning off any modes that are not needed, customizing the count screen to the user's preference (larger and clean screen by pressing and holding the touch screen) or even displaying Count results color from Black to Red.

One of the unique features of MIB-11V is that it includes a software feature allowing operators to select “RETAIL LEVEL” (Relax Version / Default) or “BANKING LEVEL" (Strict Version) counterfeit Detection software, which can be switched in between. In contrast, both versions of CF levels are designed to detect the most highly sophisticated Counterfeit bills in circulation today.




NO. OF POCKETS 1+1 (1 Stacker and 1 Reject)
HOPPER CAPACITY 700 Banknotes (approx.) with extended Hopper 
STACKER CAPACITY 200 Banknotes (circulated)
REJECT 100 Banknotes (circulated)
COUNT SPEED (PIECE) 1500 Notes Per Min. (only piece count)
DENOMINATING / VALUE  / SORT Up to 1200 Notes Per Min. or 72,000 notes per hour. 
SERIAL NUMBER READ (OP.) 1200 Notes Per Min. (Optional feature), Dual CIS sensor, reading all 4 sides 
BILL RECOGNITION SENSOR Dual-CIS (Contact Image Sensor) and IR-Sensor
COUNTERFEIT / SUSPECT  2 CIS, IR, MR-Array (magneto-resistive), 4 MG heads and Multi-Channel UV sensors
CURRENCY USD and Canada currency software standard
CURRENCY CAPACITY Can process Up to 24 currencies (additional currency SW sold separately)
BATCHING / STRAPPING Regular Strap / Denomination Batching (DB) / Denomination Strap by $ Amount, Quick Strap of any Dollar amount
CONNECTIVITY/INTERFACE 1 * Micro SD card slot, 1 * RS232C, 1 * USB Port, LAN, RJ11
LAN (Remote connection)
USB (Software upgrade)
DIMENSION(W/H/D) 11.3″ (286mm) x 13.8″ (347mm  x 12.4″  (319mm)
DISPLAY SCREEN 4.3″ Touch Display w/Stylus Pen (Std.)
OPTIONS & SPECIAL FEATURES Barcode Ticket processing, Teller APP interface by Add-on Technologies (Teller-Count, Dyna-Cash, etc.)


*Specifications are subject to change without further notice.


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