Amrotec MIB-9 MEDIUM GRADE Currency Discriminator

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MIB-9, Currency Discriminating Counter w/2-pockets (1 stacker, 1 Reject)

Performance at a glance


  • Highly competitive, affordable, Highest Bill Recognition
  • Superior counting speed of up to 1,200 banknotes/minute
  • User-friendly operation and clear display screen
  • Easy to remove Counting modes for simplicity  
  • The world’s smallest footprint having 11″ width x 10.3″ depth for a 2-pocket 
  • All Denominations strap by user preset Qty or by $ Amount
  • Easy Bill Jam removal from the top cover and rear access 
  • Includes dust tray to accumulate debris and dust particles
  • UV-C Currency Disinfection System as  Optional ADD-ON Feature MIB-9″UVC”

MIB-9 model accurately denominates and discriminates USD and world banknotes (USD and Canada currency software are Standard) in MIX SINGLE or SORT mode while the ability to Face and Orientation of banknotes at a speed of 60,000 bills per hour with suspect detection function on or 72,000 banknotes per hour without CF detection. 

Along with super bill recognition, MIB-9 also offers superb suspect bill detection using CIS and IR-Sensor, MR (magneto-resistive), and UV sensors. Connect with an external Printer (SNBC  model) to print various counting results or connect with our optional 7″ color LCD smart display SV-400 to see live counting results as well as display short commercials/ads when the machine is not in use.


Unique Features:


MIB-9 is equipped with various batching/strapping options for users from each denomination pre-set batching/strapping (DB) by quantity or by specific dollar amount. Users also have options to strap by a specific dollar amount quickly in "DSP" (Dispense) mode. Superb Brake and Clutch mechanism Hardware accommodate such functionality.

Bank tellers and retail cash-handling operators always desire simplicity and easy operational steps. While MIB-9 is equipped with various counting modes of operation, MIB-9 can be simplified with a few operational steps by reducing or deactivating counting modes that are not needed for particular customers. Instead of having 5 to 6 counting modes, MIB-9 can be simplified with just having MIXED and SINGLE modes as an example.

Due to limited desk space at bank teller's stations or at the cash register, a smaller footprint of desktop equipment is always been the market desire. During the development of the MIB-9 model, serious consideration was given to a smaller footprint having only 11" width, 10.3" depth, and 10.7" height, while not compromising overall performance and quality.

Even processing at 1000 or 1200 notes per minute, MIB-9 is one of the quietest! MIB-9 is also constructed with a 180mm bill path, which is the smallest bill path than any comparable 2 Pocket discriminator in the world market today, to reduce jamming possibilities of passing banknotes at a fast speed.




NO. OF POCKETS 1+1 (1 Stacker and 1 Reject)
HOPPER CAPACITY 500 Banknotes (approx.)
STACKER CAPACITY 200 Banknotes (circulated)
REJECT 100 Banknotes (circulated)
COUNT SPEED (PIECE) 1500 Notes Per Min. (only piece count)
DENOMINATING / VALUE  / SORT 1000 Notes Per Min. (CF on), 1200 Notes per Min. (CF OFF)
SERIAL NUMBER READ (OP.) 1000 Notes Per Min. (Optional feature), Single CIS-sensor
BILL RECOGNITION SENSOR 1 CIS (Contact Image Sensor) and IR Sensor
COUNTERFEIT / SUSPECT  CIS, IR, MR (magneto-resistive), MG and UV sensor
CURRENCY USD and Canada currency software standard
CURRENCY CAPACITY Can process Up to 24 currencies (additional currency SW sold separately)
BATCHING / STRAPPING Regular Strap / Denomination Batching (DB) / Denomination Strap by $ Amount, Quick Strap of any Dollar amount (DSP Mode)
CONNECTIVITY/INTERFACE 1 * SD card slot, 1 * RS232 , and 1 * USB Port
LAN (Remote connection)
USB (Software upgrade)
DIMENSION(W/H/D) 11″ (280mm) x 10.7″ (269mm  x 10.3″  (261mm)
OPTIONS & SPECIAL FEATURES Teller APP interface by Add-on Technologies (Teller-Count, Dyna-Cash, etc.)


*Specifications are subject to change without further notice.


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