Certex 3200 Electronic Check Signer

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Certex 3200 Electronic Check Signer

The Certex 3200 is the most comprehensive Check Writing, Check Protecting, and Check Signing Solution available today. It combines the features of a Stand-alone Check Writer and a computer interface Check Protector and Check Signer in one unit. The Certex 3200 now offers MICR line capability with additional software.
The Certex 3200 has all the functionality of the previous Certex Model 3100, plus it adds additional features. The Certex 3200 maintains the original look and feel of the previous model.

Simply connect the Certex Model 3200 to your favorite matrix or laser printer. Set the position of the date, amount, payee, MICR line, and signature(s), and begin issuing checks that are professional looking and secure. An optional keyboard allows you to add full payee information to your checks.

Connect the unit between your computer and printer. Set the amount and signature positions, then run your check-writing program. The Certex 3200 works with most off-the-shelf Accounting Programs including Quick Books and Peachtree. Checks are printed, protected, and signed in one operation - in a controlled environment.

Control the Check Writing function of your business by controlling your Accounts Payable or Payroll Program. The Certex Model 3200 protects your checks - the keys to your bank account.

Productivity will increase when you use the Certex 3200 to print, protect and sign your checks in one operation. The Certex 3200 has the ability to digitally store forms, so it can be used to create entire documents. Checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, and certificates, including the MICR line, can be printed on blank safety paper.
Note: A laser printer and special toner are required to print a MICR line.

Security of the signatures is controlled by key locks and passwords. A manager assigns operator passwords with dollar limits on amounts and signatures.

Flexibility is built into the Certex 3200. The unit may be programmed on-site, with the keypad or optional keyboard to accommodate your particular system requirements. A manager may set up the unit for several different check formats. Digitized signatures are stored in an internal EPROM. We can generate custom digital forms and email them to you. With an inexpensive device (less than $100) you can store the form in a tiny Memory Module Card (MMC) using your P.C. and USB port. The MMC is then installed in the 3200.

Using a laser printer with MICR toner, the Certex 3200 can be used to create the entire document including the MICR line – from unprinted safety paper. Additional software is required. TIME SAVINGS
Printing, protecting, and signing your checks all in one operation without changing the system, equipment or program will produce dramatic time savings for your check creation..

Protected amount numerals help prevent alteration and give a more professional appearance to the check. Executive and operator passwords provide controlled access. A non-resettable item counter records all use.

In the stand-alone mode, the unit will record and report a check's amount, date, and number, as well as operator and batch identification.

Using the keypad or optional keyboard and the four-line display, an executive may set the unit for several check formats. Digitized signatures are stored in the EPROM chip. Users may configure a laser printer.

Input - RS232 (serial) 300 - 38400 baud or Parallel (Centronics) - may be configured through the keypad or optional keyboard. A 10/100BASE-T connection can be made with the Troy PocketPro 100S or the Troy 200 print server (see the News/Updates page). Output - parallel (Centronics).

Height: 3.00" (7.6 cm) (without stand)
Width: 8.50" (21.5cm)
Depth: 7.5" (19.5cm)
Weight: 5 lbs. (11 kg.) 120VAC 60Hz 2.5Amps or 220V 50Hz.
Display: 4 Line Liquid Crystal
Keypad: 16 Key Keypad or optional Keyboard
Data Input: RS232 Serial (300-38400 baud) or Centronics Parallel Interface
Printer Output: Centronics Connector: Output to Laser Printer


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