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DPB-500 Perfect Binder

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Single-clamp perfect binder for short to mid-runs
Up to 525 cycles per hour
Ideal for variable data productions

The high speed and precision engineering of the DPB-500 Perfect Binder makes it the most productive and cost-efficient perfect binder in its class. The fully automatic and single clamp design allows a speed of up to 525 cycles per hour. An easy-to-use touchscreen allows operators to quickly adjust, program, and save up to 20 different jobs. Its automation reduces set up time and cost, and requires minimal operator skills - making the DPB-500 ideal for short run and variable data productions.

Changing from one size to another is as quick and easy as a push of a button. Simply select one of the stored memories, load the book in the clamp, and press the size change key to initiate the process. The side glue wheels, scoring wheels, and cover positioning guide will automatically move into the desired position, according to the thickness of the loaded book. Once the size change is completed, covers can be loaded into the cover feed section which provides controls where the operator can make and verify any adjustments aligning it with the nipping section.


Designed for short to medium runs, and variable data productions
Quick and easy setup and changeover
Single-clamp, fully automated
Automatic book thickness detection for side glue and cover scoring

DPB-500 Perfect Binder
Duplo DB-290 Binder

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The user-friendly and automatic DB-290 Perfect Binder brings professional perfect binding to your desktop. Producing up to 200 books per hour, the DB-290 is ideal for short-run, on-demand applications.

With the automated performance and other outstanding features typically reserved for more expensive machines, this perfect binder provides centrally-located controls for single-operator efficiency. Simply place flat sheets into the clamp where pages are gripped automatically and the binding process begins. A double pass over the roughening cutter provides superior notching for superb glue penetration. Its clamping and nipping system ensure consistent square binds.

The DB-290 Perfect Binder offers easy changeover to tape binding and two different tapes sizes are available. Other enhancements include new milling and notching blades along with a new side glue tank for improved glue application and binding. The side glue provides better adhesion and helps form the book spine. The clamp also features a newly, redesigned double rail for enhanced binding performance.


Produces up to 200 books per hour
Up to 360 cycles per hour
Creates perfect bound, tape bound, and padded books
Single-operator design and easy changeovers
Unique notching method for maximum glue penetration
Improved clamping and nipping system

Duplo DB-290 Binder
Duplo DBM-120 Bookletmaker

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The automatic setting of the DBM-120 Bookletmaker offers speed and reliability to maximize productivity and increase profits. Connected to the DC-10/60 or DFC-12/24 collators, the DBM-120 and DBM-120T produce up to 2,400 professional trimmed booklets an hour -- a fraction of what it would take to make them by hand. The optional DBM-120T Trimmer is designed to be used in-line with the DBM-120 for precise and consistent face trimmed booklets containing up to 80 pages.

The DBM-120 is customized for simple setup and foolproof operation. With the most common applications pre-programmed, easy bookletmaking is accessed at the tough of a button. No timely manual adjustments are necessary. Since the side guides, head stops, staple/fold position stoppers, and machine automatically move to the correct position, the operator can conveniently change from one job to the next in mere seconds.


Up to 2,400 sets per hour*

7.87" x 7.87" to 12.60" x 17.72"

8.5" x 11"

5.47" x 7.87" to 9.09" x 12.60"

Up to 25 sheets of 20 lb.**

* Dependent upon connected devices and numbers of bins in use

** Dependent upon paper weight and size

DBM-120 Bookletmaker
Duplo DBM-120 S/S

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Connected to the DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder, the DBM-120SxS and DBM-120T can produce up to 1,800 booklets per hour and is the ideal finishing solution for short and medium runs.

The fully integrated communication between the DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder and DBM-120SxS Sheet By Sheet Bookletmaker allows for full control of the entire system through the DSF-2000 control panel. In addition, the Automatic Size Change (ASC) will communicate with the DSF-2000 indicating the sheet size being fed, and automatically perform the size changeover on the bookletmaker. The automatic setting DBM-120SxS and DBM-120T offer speed, reliablility, and productivity to help increase profits. With production speeds up to 1,800 booklets per hour, the DBM-120SxS is the ideal finishing solution for short and medium runs.

SHEET SIZE (MIN./MAX.): 5.75 x 8.27 to 9.09 x 12.60
PAPER CAPACITY: Up to 20 sheets:
SHEET SIZE (MIN./MAX.): 10.98" x 8.27" to 17.72" x 12.60"
PAPER CAPACITY: Up to 20 sheets:
SPEED: Up to 1,800 sets per hour

Duplo DBM-120 S/S
Duplo DBM-120T

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The DBM-120T is a downstream unit for DBM-120. DBM-120 staples and folds collated sheets to make booklets. DBM-120T finishes each booklet by trimming the open edge.


Length: 100 mm to 225 mm (saddle staple)
Width: 148.5 mm to 182 mm, 200 mm to 320 mm


Same as DBM-120


Same as DBM-120


4.2 mm or less (saddle stitch) Up to 20 mm


85 to 225 mm


Main body: 936 (W) x 550 (D) x 616 (H) mm

Duplo DFC-120 Collator

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All the sophistication of a larger finishing system, but affordable in price.

Duplo takes the roller-feed collator and finishing concept beyond the standard. The rugged and reliable DFC-120 Collator in-line with the DBM-120 Bookletmaker offer commercial, in-plant, and quick printers as well as educational institutions a cost-effective solution to their collating and finishing needs.

The space-saving, vertical design of the DFC-120 is available in 12-bin configurations (24 bins with DFC-120 in tandem with DFC-120B) and can be expanded in-line with the DFC-S Corner and Side Stapler Unit. The DFC-120 Collator can also be expanded with the DBM-120 Bookletmaker and DBM-120T Trimmer, creating a system that allows for simultaneous collating and bookletmaking.

Number of Bins 12 or 24 in tandem with tower DFC-120B
Paper Size (Min./Max.) 5.83 x 8.27 to 12.60 x 17.72
Feed Bin Capacity 1.10
Receive Bin Capacity 2.56 to 3.07
Speed Up to 70 sets per minute or 4,200 straight stacking sets per hour
Programming Alternating Program (link 2 bins), Interleave Program (slip sheet), Block Program
Paper Feed Bin Detections Misfeed, double-feed, paper jam Error Detections Paper feed error, conveyance cover open/close, paper receive bin full, bin empty, misfeed, double-feed, paper jam, downstream processing device error, number of interleaves error
Power Consumption 140W 1.5-0.6A (100-240V, 50/60Hz)
DFC-120B: 95W 1.0-0.5A(100-240V, 50/60Hz)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 24 x 25.5 x 45
Weight 194 lbs. (DFC-120B: 201 lbs.)

Other Features

LCD control panel displays current operating status; 4-digit ascending/descending counter; quickly and easily feed wide range of stocks with tray tension and separator control; overlap function allows operator to vary sheet overlapping for more effi cient running of the most diffi cult stocks; reset button sets up all detectors; programming mode allows operator to load stock while machine runs; straight/offset stacking; energy saving mode

Possible Configurations

DFC-120 + DFC-S
DFC-120 + DBM-120B + DFC-S
DFC-120 + DBM-120
DFC-120 + DFC-120B + DBM-120
DFC-120 + DBM-120 + DBM-120T
DFC-120 + DFC-120B + DBM-120 + DBM-120T

Duplo DSF-2000

DSF-2000 accepts and feeds pre-collated sheets ready to be stitched and folded by downstream units. Equipped with two feed trays, one for the contents and the other for cover page insert. Optional bar code reader not only ensures sheet and set-integrity but also brings the variable printing into the finishing area.

PAPER FEED Suction feed
Elevator paper tray
PAPER FEED CAPACITY A (upper): 200 mm
(Fine quality (81.4g/m2) 2, 000 sheets equiv.)
B (lower): 60 mm
(Fine quality (81.4g/m2) 600 sheets equiv.)
PAPER Width: 148 to 320 mm
Length: 200 to 450 mm (A5 to A3SR)*With some exceptions

PAPER TYPE Tray A: Fine quality (52.3 to 127.9g/m2)
Art/Coated (79 to 127.9g/m2))
Tray B (for cover): Fine quality (52.3 to 250g/m2)
Art/Coated (79 to 157g/m2))
MAXIMUM PROCESS SPEED 200 sheets per minute (A4)
OTHER FUNCTIONS Tray A: Inverter, End mark detection
MINIMUM PAPER SIZE 100 mm x 150 mm (postcard)
POWER SUPPLY AC100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
DIMENSIONS 1,100 (W) x 750 (D) x 1,015 (H) mm

Formax Square IT Booklet Finisher

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The Formax Square IT squareback booklet finisher gives your stapled booklets a professional, perfect-bound look, with the security of a stapled binding. Squareback booklets lie flat, making them easier to front-trim on a guillotine cutter. Square bindings also offer the option of printing on the spine, plus they’re easier to package and store.

The Square IT finishes booklets up to 9 1/2” x 12 3/4”, in sizes up to 24 sheets of 80gsm paper. With the easy-to-use control panel, operators can choose from four thickness options, which provide the ideal squareback binding based on the number of pages.

This versatile, compact machine can be used either as a hand-feed unit or in-line with a wide range of traditional and digital finishing devices. An optional adjustable stand is also available .

Take your booklets to the next level with the Square IT squareback booklet finisher.

Formax Square IT Booklet Finisher


Formax Square IT2 Booklet Finisher

Click Here for the Formax Square IT2 Booklet Finisher Brochure

The Square iT2 is a compact, user-friendly unit that combines two functions in a single pass: it squares the binding and trims the face edge. Getting professional results from an existing staple-and-fold finisher has never been easier.

Squarebacked booklets lie flat, making them easier to pack, store and ship, with the added option of printing on the spine. Operators can choose the amount of square fold pressure to produce the ideal squareback finish based on booklet thickness.

However, even squarebacked booklets have the unsightly look of shingled pages. The Square iT2 makes quick work of that problem, with a powerful face trimming blade, to give them a finished, professional look. For full-bleed jobs, the side trim function trims the top and bottom of the booklet in multiple passes. Trimmed edges are collected in the waste tray which is easy to access for emptying.

The Square iT2 accommodates a wide range of booklet sizes, from 5” x 8” up to 12.6” x 12.2”. It processes booklets of up to 50 folded and stapled sheets / 200 page booklets of 20# Bond, up to 20,000 booklets per month.

The color touchscreen is easy to use, with step-by-step text and graphic instructions, ideal for operators of any skill level to simply walk up and start producing finished booklets. Users can also save custom job settings for quick recall and setup. The automatic belt-feed output conveyor stacker is adjustable and keeps processed booklets in a neat order.

This compact device can be used either as a hand-feed unit or in-line with a wide range of traditional and digital finishing devices. It’s the perfect complement to print shops, in-plant print finishing operations and offices that want the look and feel of a perfect-bound book, at a fraction of the cost.

Formax Square IT2 Booklet Finisher


Standard BQ 160

Standard BQ 160

The Standard Horizon BQ-160 features single person operation and quick, easy setups. Changeover from perfect binding to padding is accomplished by the press of a button. With automatic cover clamping and a unique spine roughening system this binder is highly productive in both perfect binding and padding applications.


Number of Clamps 1
Spine Preparation roughing
Cover Insertion manual
In-line Scoring no
Cycle Speed Up to 250 cycles per hour
Maximum Binding Thickness up to 1.2"
Minimum Book Size 5.8" x 4.1"
Maximum Book Size 11.8" (spine) x 15.7"


Double-pass roughing; single person operation, dynamic nipper clamp, castors for easy moving

Width x Depth x Height 57" x 16" x 44"
Weight 242 lbs.
Power Requirements 110-120 V, 5 Amps

Standard BQ 160
Standard DocuCrease


Specifically designed to accurately score short-run easy to damage prints, the DocuCrease is available in two sizes. The DocuCrease 35 can score up to 14" in length and the DocuCrease 52 is capable of scoring up to 20.5" in length. Both of these economical and durable devices channel-score across the entire sheet length simultaneously eliminating tearing and cracking of the stock and are suited to either left or right handed operation.

DocuCrease 35 and 52 Technical Specifications

Model DC35 Model DC52
Process: Manual lever press Manual lever press Maximum Sheet Width: 14" 20.5" Maximum Paper Weight: Up to 12 pt. cover Up to 12 pt. cover Maximum Score Length: 14" 20.5" Minimum Score Length: 1" 1" Max. Backstop Position: 14.125" 20.5" Min. Backstop Position: .875" .875" Adjustable Backstops: 2 Standard (more optional) 2 Standard (more optional) Dimensions: 23.5"L x 15"W x 5"H 29.5"L x 21.75"W x 5"H Weight: 28.5 lbs. 37.5 lbs.

Standard DocuCrease


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