Duplo DFL-500 Coat/Foil/Laminator

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The DFL-500 delivers a multi-purpose solution for print embellishment with the capability to dry coat, foil, and laminate in a single machine. Compact and easy to use, the DFL-500 utilizes a ceramic thermal roller and a heat control system to precisely apply the desired film on top of the sheet.

For gloss dry coating, the DFL-500 utilizes a specially-formulated film that applies full coverage on a sheet of a paper. When the film runs through the heat roller, the adhesive is melted and applied to sheet.

Without the need of investing in individual foil stamp dies, the DFL-500 uses a unique adhesive foil that sticks onto the toner used in most presses.

The DFL-500 comes standard with an automatic side-to-side flying knife separator system for precise flush cutting of laminated sheets. It also features a dust removing and de-curling system commonly seen in more expensive laminators.


3-in-1 solution
Auto film slitting and cutting system
Two-piece design for easy film setup and removal
Automatic air suction feed system
Handles up to 13" width sheets

Duplo DFL-500 Coat/Foil/Laminator


Pouch Jet Pro II  - Desktop Laminator

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The PouchJet Pro II lamination machine is the smartest pouch laminator in the world, Very easy to use and error free, the Pouchjet pro II laminates lightning fast with record speed. It is ready to use in approximately 55 seconds and then laminates 10 documents in less than a minute. To accomplish this without compromising on the quality of the lamination, the PouchJet Pro II uses an eight roller system. Four transport rollers, and four quartz-heated heating rollers.

The PouchJet Pro II lamniation machine is automatic, which means that you only have to switch the machine on, wait 55 second for the machine to warm up, and then insert your lamination into the machine. The SMARTPILOT then selects the ideal temperature and speed for your document and the lamination process starts. Quick and Simple.

The machine also only has two buttons, one to switch the machine on and off, and the other is a reverse function.

The PouchJet Pro II lamination machine was designed to elegantly fit into most office spaces with its sleek white and grey look.

Pouch Jet Pro II - Desktop Laminator


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