OSCARE PRO Card Encoder


OSCARE PRO Card Encoder

The OSCARE Pro is the newest member of the OSCARE family. A new and improved On Site Card Activation Reader Encoder. A small compact customer selected PIN device. This will allow your institutions customers to pick and to change PIN numbers on ATM, Debit, and Credit cards. It will generate offset numbers (encrypted PIN). It can re-encode the magnetic stripe of both high and low coercivity magnetic stripe cards with the new PIN number. It is ideal for card activation on account opening and to increase customer service at the branch level. Can encode all information onto the magnetic stripe and repair damaged cards.

Added Features

Aesthetics: A new modern look and feel.
Automatic card acceptor instead of manual swipe: This will cause less failed transactions and less scratching of cards. It is also a more secured method of card encoding.
A Substantial Increase in memory: Allows more ISOs and BINs, more operators, and more transaction history.
Encrypting PIN Pad: Keypad on unit itself that uses Triple-DES encryption method.
No more software cartridges: Cuts down on the time it takes for software updates.
Internal Network Card: For network interface options.
No learning Curve: Screens and functionality are very similar to original OSCARE eliminating the learning curve.

Technical Information

Coercivity: Supports High and Low
Algorithm Supported: DES, Triple DES, Diebold, VISA DES
Encoding: Tracks 1, 2, and 3
Encrypting PIN Pad: Triple DES encrypting number pad.
Secure method for PIN Selection


Network Interface Option: PC option to network PIN selector.
Audit trail printer: For audit purposes, customer signatures, and all reporting features. Eases offsets updates to host system.
PIN Pad: Increase entering of customers PIN and makes logistics of unit more compatible with branch configurations.
PC Options: Can be used with TRISM software to download audit reports into a PC database. Increases security by eliminating setup cards. Takes the unit from stand alone to network security. Many network configurations available.
Key Entry Supported: Clear, Key Components, Cryptograms, Double-length(key encryption keys)


Compact Size: 12"Wx7" Hx11"D,
Weight: 7 lbs
  • Model:OSCARE PRO
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